Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Know what YOUR patients think about YOUR services?

Patients choose YOU for their health care needs. Whether it is because you are highly recommended from a family member, friend or neighbor, you accept their insurance, your close proximity to work or home, or some other reason, they are asking for care they need from you.  Regardless of how they first found you, isn't it important to know if you met or exceeding their expectations? Getting timely, unbiased feedback after a patient visit is important to understanding how satisfied your patients are with your services, staff, and processes.

WhereToFindCare.com helps you get that valuable feedback for FREE. Registered health care providers can solicit feedback from their patients using the Get Reviews feature. Providers can send personalized invitations via email to patients inviting them to provide valuable feedback on their services. 

The surveys provide detailed information that help providers improve processes and learn what is going right and what can be improved. Providers receive an alert when a new survey is posted on their profile and can review answers to specific survey questions, overall score, and general comment. Providers also have the option to respond to any survey.  Patients are notified via an email alert when providers respond to their feedback.

Why wouldn't a health care provider want to know what their patients thought of their visit?

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