Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chiropractors: Reputation is Everything

When marketing a chiropractic office, reputation really is everything. In a recent study by the Journal of Healthcare Management 90% of people said that the reputation of the doctor and of the facility was important when they choose a health provider.

So how do you make sure your reputation stands above all the other chiropractors in your market? Word of mouth and testimonials. And in this age, you need to harness the power of the Internet to make it happen effectively and quickly. Why? 12% of all adults turn to the Internet for information on health care providers like chiropractors. And that number is only growing.

OK, so your goal should be to not only be visible on the Internet, but to stand out as the chiropractor with the best reputation. You can achieve both of these things by following these steps :
  1. Google your name or practice name. What do you see? Are there reviews? Read them and respond to them. Read our tips on how to respond to patient reviews.
  2. If you can't find anything at all about your chiropractic practice, then that may even be worse than having bad reviews! Establish a presence with a website, Facebook page, blog or a free profile on
  3. Start requesting testimonials from your patients. Ask all of your patients to share their experience on a ratings website -- because slapping glowing testimonials on your website isn't good enough. People see through that. There are many websites to choose from but don't use just any ratings site. Direct patients to more relevant healthcare-specific ratings sites like This gives your prospective patients more meaningful information that they crave when choosing a provider.
If you're a chiropractor who wants to start marketing with your reputation, you can request free Testimonial Marketing Tools from

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