Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthcare Marketing with Google Places

If you are a healthcare marketer or need to attract more patients to your health care business (be it a hospital, an assisted living or an urgent care facility as in the example below) here's a tip to get you more visibility on the Internet at no cost and you can do it right now.

Every healthcare provider should create a Google Places page. It's a great way to let people find you when they're searching the Internet for the services you provide.

For example, a Google search on "urgent care circleville, oh" yields the results shown below. The first two are highly relevant sites that have administrators who put a lot of effort into search engine optimization -- so these coveted spots are hard to win. However you can still insert yourself into the mix with a Google Places page. These are the next few spots down outlined in red and indicated by "Place page" to the right of the result.

To create your Google Places page go to this link and follow the instructions.

Indecently, the first organic result (even before the Google Places pages) is a profile of an urgent care facility. And this provider hasn't even added any content to its profile! Can you imagine if you claimed your profile and added content? Between the Places page and your profile, you'll dominate the search results and patients will be lining up outside your door.

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