Thursday, November 4, 2010

Healthcare Testimonial Marketing: A Case Study of Western Wayne Family Health Centers

A common question we hear is about how to respond to patient reviews. We've answered this question in previous posts, but thought an even better way to answer it is to show you a great example of one health care provider who responds to patient reviews and benefits greatly from the process.

Western Wayne Family Health Center in Inkster, MI has not only embraced testimonial marketing and transparency in patient satisfaction, but it is also excelling at it. Take a look at their patients' comments as well as the Center's responses in green. You'll notice a few trends, and they are not accidental.

How to respond to patient reviews

Western Wayne Family Health Center's responses to patient comments follow these rules:
  • always thank the reviewer for his or her feedback
  • acknowledge any issues presented
  • tell the reviewer what will be done as a result of or to correct the issue
  • respond quickly, usually within 24 hours (this is facilitated by email alerts sent to the administrator the instant a review is posted)
Western Wayne Family Health Center's patient reviews are viewed regularly and often, indicating that the public is interested in this type of information.

The Benefits

In addition to being posted publicly online, each response by the Center is sent directly to the registered reviewer's email. This accomplishes several things:

1. It closes the feedback loop so the patient knows (s)he was heard
2. It builds two-way communication with patients which fosters relationships and patient loyalty
3. If there was a concern, it gives the Center a chance to make amends and increases the likelihood that the patient will give it another chance

Kim Smith, administrative manager of Western Wayne Family Health Centers, says incorporating patient reviews in a marketing campaign as well as operations improvement programs benefits her clinic immensely. "Patient reviews provide a snapshot of how the clinic is operating on any given day," says Smith. She adds, "The reviews the patient provides on [] serve as a free advertisement for the clinic. When the patient is satisfied with the service they receive they will tell anyone who will listen in writing or by word of mouth, which is a great marketing tool."

How they do it

Smith asks patients to submit reviews to while they are at the clinic. She also has links on the clinic website asking visitors to "share your experience" and directing them directly to the clinic's survey housed on the independent review website. Western Wayne Family Health Centers has two locations and they both participate in the testimonial marketing campaign. As of this writing, the Taylor location enjoys an average rating of 91.74 and the Inkster location has a respectable 86.21 out of a possible 100. The average rating for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) like Western Wayne is 84.65.

It takes Smith just a couple of minutes to respond to patient reviews and the clinic gains enormous marketing and operational improvement benefits in return. If you'd like to implement a similar campaign, contact Your clinic, hospital, nursing home or other health care organization can start a basic campaign at no cost and still enjoy some benefits similar to Western Wayne Family Health Centers.

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