Friday, October 1, 2010

Healthcare Marketing Services by

If you're responsible for marketing a health care service such as a nursing home, assisted living, private duty home care or home health agency you've come to the right place.

Getting noticed in the crowded elder-care market is very difficult. It is essential to be found when prospects perform Internet searches for the services you provide. Even if you have a website, it may not be found. So you must spend a great deal of time and money in search engine optimization, online marketing campaigns, social media and in pushing content that will ensure people will trust you.

OR you can keep it simple by subscribing to

Our healthcare Internet marketing subscription gets you visibility on the Internet and gives prospective patients, residents and families the information they need to choose you. We've taken all the Internet marketing and SEO techniques we teach our clients, and put them all into one neat package just for you. All you have to do is subscribe, update your profile and watch the results. We'll help you along the way and make sure your campaign is successful, so it's pretty hands off.

Here's why you should subscribe:
  • You get visibility when and where you need to make the sale: 88% of Internet users turn to the Internet for information when they need health care.
  • Our clients come out on top when customers search for their services (try this search by clicking the link: search for "imaging dearborn mi" and see our client as the first result)
  • We let you compete on quality and service: the most important elements to prospective patients (if you have poor quality or service, you need not apply)
  • You get a dedicated marketing representative to make sure your campaign is successful.
  • It's far less expensive than other advertising
  • It's much faster and easier than implementing all the techniques yourself
  • We're recommended by our clients
  • No contracts, no placement fees (placement agencies charge $3,500 on average), and no sending your leads to your competitors.
To see how a subscription is helping one client, read a customer success story about Western Wayne Family Health Centers.

Want to learn even more? Contact us or click the buttons below to explore each of the ways a subscription can help you.

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