Thursday, October 21, 2010

How assisted living facilities can engage Facebook fans and attract residents

Assisted living communities have many opportunities to promote themselves using Facebook fan pages. They tend to have active residents as well as lots of activities and events. Each of these give you opportunity to spread the word on Facebook.

One of your primary goals for your fan page should be to get your residents' family members involved and engaged. The more engaged they are, the faster word-of-mouth will spread (or in this case, word-of-Facebook). So, don't make your page sales-y and don't bother too much with educational information.

Yes, some people will benefit from learning about dementia and tips for staying active over 50, but this isn't what people are looking for when they're on Facebook. They want to keep in touch with family, see cute or funny photos/videos and other generally entertaining things. So if you aim your Facebook posts at helping people keep in touch with family who happen to be living in your community, chances are they will engage more with you and as a result, the word spreads to their network of friends. And this is ultimately what you want -- for friends of fans to learn about your community and think of you first when it comes time to place their loved ones.

Here are a few ideas to help you engage your assisted living facility's Facebook fans:
  • Post daily activities. It gives families a sense of what's going on there and as they leave comments, their friends learn about your activities.
  • Profile residents. With their permission, post photos of residents having fun and doing activities. Tag family members in photos.
  • Post links to your monthly newsletter and calendar. Again, this lets families see what's going on and helps them to feel like they're a part of the community.
  • Create a Facebook learning activity for your residents. Teach them how to get on Facebook and keep in touch with family members. Then encourage them to post to your fan page about the fun times they're having!
If you have more ideas, we'd love to hear them. Post them in the comments below.

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