Saturday, July 31, 2010

Example of Videos in Healthcare Marketing

Earlier we gave you some tips on using video in healthcare Internet marketing. Here, we give you a couple examples of two hospitals who created some excellent video that worked very well for them. Learn what they did right and use the techniques in your own campaign!

1. The Pink Glove Dance by Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.

Summary: In order to promote breast cancer awareness, hospital employees don pink surgical gloves and dance all around the hospital to catchy music.

Results: Over 11 million views in the 8 months since it was uploaded.

What worked: It is cute, happy and the catchy music makes you want to watch to the end. It had choreographed dancing which was novel and entertaining. It managed to be funny because you see people dancing whom you wouldn't expect (doctors, janitors, etc). It shows off the hospital, the friendliness of the staff and even some high-tech equipment. But it isn't sales-y. In fact, it is actually promoting breast cancer awareness. Promoting a self-less cause is actually more effective because it meets what is likely one of the hospital's marketing objectives: To show that they care about the health of their community. Can you imagine if instead they chose to post an interview of their CEO telling people that they care? I don't think that would have worked so well.

What could be better: It was a little on the long side (over 3.5 minutes). I was entertained and got the message by about 30 seconds in so that normally would have been enough for me.

2. When we win, so do our patients by Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital's Center for Health Services in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Summary: A prestigious award takes a tour throughout the hospital, getting exams and dancing with various employees along the way.

Results: 975 views in 7 months.

What worked: It has unique editing and great production value, it was cute and shows friendly staff and even some high-tech equipment (I'm liking this trend because it subconsciously sends the message "we practice advanced medicine here.") Also the length was more bearable at just under 2 minutes.

What could be better: Since the purpose was to highlight an achievement of course it was a little self-promoting, so I'll overlook that. But that's why it didn't get nearly as many views as the Pink Glove Dance video above. If you want your video to go viral, don't make it about you.

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