Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Tips for Using Video in Healthcare Marketing

Video is a great way to connect with future patients, introduce yourself and build trust. It travels well and it hits home with people. They can see your smiling face and it makes them feel more comfortable with you.

When you create video content your objective should be to make something that people will either be searching for online or is entertaining enough to pass on to their friends. The best thing that can happen is that your video goes "viral," meaning it gets passed on to many people very quickly with very little effort.

Here are a few tricks to using video effectively in a healthcare marketing campaign - and to help yours go viral:
  1. Keep it short. People's attention spans are very short when they're online. Opinions vary on the optimal length, but experts generally agree that 3 minutes is the longest you should make your videos. Personally, I think that's a little long and suggest no more than 1-2 minutes. The shorter the better.
  2. Keep it light. Funny videos are the most likely to be passed on to friends and go viral, but "funny" is highly subjective and difficult to achieve. Aim for light-hearted, creative or cute. Not all of your videos should be funny or even light -- being in healthcare, you probably would want to make some educational videos, tours, etc. And that's good, because that is content people will be searching for when choosing a healthcare provider and they'll help to establish you as a leader and expert. Just don't expect those videos to go viral.
  3. Avoid being "salesy." Nobody likes watching commercials on TV so what makes you think they'll want to watch one online? Even if you do manage to get a few views, even fewer people will share it with their friends. So don't waste your time. Instead, get your marketing messages across by using themes (for example, if you want people to know you have the latest high-tech equipment, show it in the background or demonstrate it in an unusual way). Then insert simple text at the end of your video with your company name, website and maybe a tag line.
  4. Use tags. Post your video on sites like YouTube and add "tags." These tags describe the content of your video and help people find it.
  5. Don't spend a lot of money. You don't need expensive equipment or editing software. There are many low priced ($100-200) video recorders on the market that will do the job and make it easy to edit and publish.
Bonus tip: If you're a subscriber, make sure you add your videos to the "About" tab on your profile. You can embed up to 5 videos right on your profile.

For some inspiration and to see what works, take a look at our reviews of a couple healthcare marketing videos.

Do you have more tips? Please share them in the comments section below!

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